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Poster: HappySwordsman Date: Oct 5, 2012 1:24am
Forum: classic_tv Subject: "Emergency - Ward 10"

Twice-weekly British soap opera set in a Hospital. Many episodes are lost. The company that produced it, ATV, had a mixed record with TV archiving. They kept complete runs of 1957 series like "Motive for Murder" and "Five Names for Johnny", yet continued wiping/erasing some programmes until 1980 (possibly even 1981!).

I read in a post by Video-Cellar that 1959 British TV episodes are OK to upload up to a certain month....was it October 1959? Everything from that date onwards, even if public domain in the UK under British 50-year copyright terms for TV broadcasts, cannot be uploaded due to GATT. Which sadly means nobody in North America will ever view the very poorly preserved (3 surviving episodes out of 39 produced) yet very funny early 1960s series "Our House" (produced by Associated British Corporation, whose programming archive suffered a similar fate to the DuMont Network).

If that's the case, I have 12 episodes to upload, dating from June 1959 to September 1959 (in terms of 1959 episodes, January to May is completely lost, as is October to December. Only a single episode survives from June, along with two July episodes, four August episodes, and five September episodes). Already uploaded 2 of them.

For the record, 72 episodes have been issued on DVD by Network (who usually does the DVD releases for surviving ATV series, the defunct company that produced this series), and I am very glad they have been released. I hope the company issues more rarities like this (they have, for example, issued the rarely-seen 1977-1978 sitcom "Miss Jones and Son", a 12-episode Thames Television sitcom about a young attractive single woman raising her infact son, which was born out-of-wedlock, conceived accidentally with a man she doesn't plan to marry. It sounds edgy, but it's actually quite family-friendly. Like ATV, Thames is also defunct). They even issued the ultra-controversal 1969 LWT series "Curry & Chips".... if only we could get a US company to issue the (still-copyrighted) "The Amos & Andy Show", maybe the party can really start!

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